Counseling For Black Men

Are you tired of hearing, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you,” or “be a man” and “get over it” when it comes to your emotions?  In this perfect storm of unstable roles caused by devastating economic losses, poor communication and conflicting role expectations, Black Men are being turned upside down

As black men, we tend to deal with problems on our own, often by using pornography, drinking, playing video games, or searching elsewhere for affection. We lie, we defend, we run.

I will look into your early life attachments and see how you’ve learned to cope with stress.  I teach men how their relationships, neurochemistry and emotions are related.

As your therapist, I will not judge right and wrong. With your consistent participation, openness to change and willingness to learn, you’ll feel empowered to take the lead on healthy change in your life. Just make the call.