About Us

Rod Warner Counseling

We specialize in counseling services for black men, women, and couples

Our Firm

We have offices located in the Dallas and Houston, TX areas with a focus on counseling Black Couples, Black Men, and Black Women around anxiety, depression, grief, anger management, codependency, trauma, marriage, divorce, and family to name a few.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to provide a non-judgmental environment with positive regard and openness to help individuals understand that they are in control of their own choices, giving them the opportunity to accept themselves for their inner strength and self-worth.

Our Approach

We provide a safe environment and cater to each client's unique situation, guiding them to an improved mental state. We employ several techniques around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients become aware of how their thoughts impact their mood.

Mental Health Stats

Interesting Facts on Blacks and Mental Health
Percent of African American Couples Divorce By Year 3
Percent of Black Men and Women Divorce At Least Once
Percent of Blacks Reported to Suffer From Mental Illness (approximately 7 million people)
Percent of Black Women are Head of Household Compared to 9 Percent of Their Caucasian Counterparts

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